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Frankie Theobalds, Volkswagen Group (VWG) Hub Editor, Wonderly

Frankie Theobalds

Frankie Theobalds

Frankie joined Wonderly in 2016 and is based between our Twickenham HQ and Volkswagen offices in Milton Keynes. As Volkswagen Group Hub Editor, Frankie writes and manage content for VWG UK’s retailer site, the Hub.

What’s been your Wonderly highlight to date? 
Being part of the team that put together a magazine to mark the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash that claimed the lives of 23 people, many of whom were Manchester United players. 
Any upcoming projects you’re excited for? 
There’s always something exciting going on at Volkswagen Group but the latest project is bringing to life the operation of VWG’s 64,000 sq ft parts warehouse for the stakeholder with a series of features for the Hub site and VWG’s intranet site, LIFE Online.
If you could recommend one thing about Wonderly to a friend, what would it be? 
Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Take the chance to network, collaborate, make friends and volunteer. It’s the only way to enjoy what you do. And remember, every day’s a school day!
Tell us something people wouldn’t know about you… 
I once took a penalty at half-time at Old Trafford (even though I’m a Leeds United supporter)
What are you reading/listening/watching at the moment? 
Reading, the Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith, watching Welcome to Wrexham, listening to a lot of Roxy Music, having just seen the band at the O2
Top three dinner party guests? 
Barack Obama to find out if he thinks he has left a lasting legacy, Charles Dickens, what a raconteur and Peter Crouch for his self-deprecating football stories
If you could only eat one item for every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Rice and peas and chicken. I have West Indian heritage
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Keep your eye on the ball
Tell us your best joke… 
How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? 
One, but the light bulb has really got to want to change
Thank you, Frankie!

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