Five in five with... Jon!

We sit down with Jon Cook, Wonderly’s Performance Marketing Manager.

Jon Cook

Jon Cook

Jon joined Wonderly in 2022, as Performance Marketing Manager Jon looks after SEO and paid search campaigns for the agency and our wider clients.

What’s been your Wonderly highlight to date? 
The re-launch of the Wonderly website in August which showcases all the fantastic work we deliver on behalf of our clients.
Any upcoming projects you’re excited for? 
I’m currently working on delivering SEO training to the team which is an essential skill for anyone writing online content.
If you could recommend one thing about Wonderly to a friend, what would it be? 
The team is super talented and we have some great client accounts. Everyone is very friendly and it is a nice environment to work in.
Tell us something people wouldn’t know about you… 
I was lucky enough to fly on Concorde when she was still gracing the skies.
What are you reading/listening/watching at the moment? 
I barely get time to watch TV but I’ve started watching Cobra Kai on Netflix.
In terms of music, I’ve recently put together a 90s playlist on Spotify which has numerous bangers on it from back in the day.
And reading wise, I’ve just started reading Happy Mind, Happy Life by Dr Rangan Chatterjee.
Top three dinner party guests? 
Sir Elton John and Graham Taylor so that I hear about how they transformed Watford during the late 70s; 80s and late 90s (I’m a Watford FC season ticket holder) 
In terms of the third guest, the late King of Tonga (George Tupou V) who I was lucky to meet on a couple of occasions and had an incredible sense of humour.
If you could only eat one item for every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Monterey Jack Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries and Cherry Coke to drink.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Just keep going. No matter what.
Tell us your best joke… 
A man tells his doctor, “Doc, help me. I’m addicted to Twitter!”
The doctor replies, “Sorry, I don’t follow you …”
Thank you, Jon!

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