Reimagining member communications for the SCoR


Produce an over-arching content strategy that would bring together all elements of the Society’s publishing work and marketing to unify the different voices, synchronise the messaging, increase the overall impact and improve the perception of the Society among its 32,000 members.


While taking on the publishing of two monthly magazines, their website, email bulletins and social media, we undertook a rapid discovery exercise. Meeting with the Society’s leadership team every two weeks for two months, we were able to gather the information we needed to re-imagine their media operation and member communications while building their confidence in our abilities and nudging their team towards new ways of working.

Through this rigorous review process we were able to quickly produce a new strategy document that fitted neatly into their own internal organisation strategy for the following five years.


The CIPD Festival of Work was launched in 2019 with a clear mission to be more than just a business conference. With engaging speakers and a diverse array of exhibitors, alongside a programme of immersive and interactive features (from therapy dogs to a unique ‘people library’), it has engaged thousands of people in an intelligent discussion about the future of work and the role of people in business. In 2022, more than 6,000 people registered as visitors and delegates at London Olympia alongside a highly engaged virtual audience.


The membership magazine is now ten issues per year, allowing more time for content development and digital expansion of the brand, and the peer-reviewed clinical journal is now published quarterly at double the pagination, enhancing its authority and academic impact.

We have since been commissioned to produce a second strategy to rationalise the Society’s extensive publishing operation of professional and clinical guidance to improve the use of these essential documents among the membership. 

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